Benefits of Meditation

“The crucial step to succeed is often doing nothing . Take a moment, listen to your intuition and if it allows, immense yourself in it”

Benefits of Meditation in Marathi

Meditation teaches you to simplify life and control different entanglements of mind and mental stress. It facilitates life struggles in a very positive way.

The purpose of meditation should not really be to gain any benefit, But still with its help, a person can achieve his goal by focusing his attention on his purpose. The main purpose of meditation is to develop compassion, Love, Patience, and generosity.

While you are in the posture of meditation, listening to your breath or listening to the sound of your surrounding is essential, and if you do not experience anything else in this posture, you are in the right state of meditation

Meditation is not a technique. This is the way to live a life properly. The right way to meditate is to deviate from your power of thinking for a limited time. At the time of meditation, a person can achieve a state of mind free from all kinds of thoughts.


Your concentration will remain focused even in a stressful environment. This is possible only by meditation. It reduces depression. One gets relief from anxiety and stress.

To do any work automatically becomes a habit of doing it with full concentration. So that work can be done in a short time and correctly. By doing meditation, the ability to complete many tasks at one time increases and the chances of making mistakes are less.

With MEDITATION, your brain starts working faster. Decision-making ability increases, the memory becomes faster. This increases control of emotions.

Meditation increases the ability to tolerate pain. Simply say that the brain becomes stronger and the experience of pain is less than that of a normal person.

MEDITATION gives us the ability to remain focused on the goal even in a noisy environment. The ability to learn anything new from MEDITATION increases and enlightenment also increases. Your mood gets controlled, and you can keep it regular under any circumstances.


By doing MEDITATION, good relations are formed in society. Love, kindness, sympathy, a sense of virtue, and positive relationships are developed towards people.

Those doing meditation get adequate sleep. People doing meditation can complete their sleep in less time than normal people.

Anger means that the biggest enemy of a human being gets meditated by meditation.

The feeling of loneliness does not come from doing meditation.


Doing MEDITATION reduces the risk of heart disease, also STROKES.

By doing MEDITATION, HEART RATE and respiratory system are regular.

Our gene is affected by meditation, which improves our immune system. That is, the body’s resistance to fighting common diseases increases.

Meditation reduces high blood pressure. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, then you should meditate daily.

Meditation can also prevent Alzheimer and premature death.


By doing meditation, our life starts moving towards spirituality. As you progress in meditation, your spiritual knowledge starts to grow. You experience everything you never imagined. Kundalini Jagran is possible only through meditation, and through this, the person starts to step slowly to the peak of knowledge.

Meditation is the path to SELF REALISATION. Only by doing this, we can understand ourselves. Not only this, many practitioners say meditation is the easiest way to reach God.

The content of this post is purely the author’s personal opinion and it does not necessarily reflect the view of any, person, government, religion and We hope readers will consider this perspective.

By Sagar Raut

Sagar is a founder and author of MahitiLake and CognizanceHill . He is a Writer, blogger and Electrical engineer. He has completed his education from Pune University. He loves history, technology and science. He enjoys watching movies, swimming and reading books.

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